About us

Loving your job is great but having a passion for what you do is what makes the difference. And that is exactly why Sofia decided not to create just a “pastry shop” but a place full of experiences that would ultimately become the locals favorite.

Sofia Chalvatzoglou

the creative mind behind the Éclair Affaire

After graduating from Scuola Italiana in Athens and with fluency in Italian, English and French she moved to Paris to study in ESMOD School of Fashion, one of the most renown schools in the fashion industry. Her language skills gave her the opportunity to personally meet designers and suppliers from around world. For many years she worked as a designer of her own nightgown and intimate lingerie line.

 Every year she would travel in Europe and Asia to find and follow the latest trend. Creator of her own line and designer of the collections of the existing company,Pen-ky lingerie,  she was responsible of the entire production line. After moving to Florida,  the love of a good pastry made fresh pushed her to change completely field of work and create the “eclair Affaire “

Used to the Parisian lifestyle and the European attitude towards food, for her the Éclair Affaire is not just a “pastry shop”.  It is a whole concept, an experience! From the decor, the way the staff will greet the clients, to the boxes and the restrooms, everything works together to the final revelation: the ultimate éclair.

OUR pastry chef